A Romana’s Pilates Studio





Intro / Success Session

The best way to get started with Pure Pilates Chicago is to begin with an Intro / Success Session.
Private Lessons
1 on 1
Duet Lessons
2 on 1
Trio/Quad Lessons
3/4 on 1
Reformer Session
Maximum 3 students
Tower Session
Maximum 5 students
Mat Session
Maximum 8 students

Joseph Pilates

Ever wonder where the funky machinery, unique exercises, and weird name ‘Pilates’ came from?
All originated from a man named Joseph Pilates. 
Joespeh Pilates.jpg

Romana Kryzanowska

Romana was the woman to whom Joseph Pilates left his work; so, maintaining the integrity of the work is utmost importance to us. 

Meet The Team


Kym Costa

Danielle Bernier

Ceci Fano


Pilates has made me feel stronger than I have in years. This sense of physical strength has made me feel more confident in all aspects of my life. Kym pushes me to work hard and her keen awareness of form makes me feel assured that I am working safely.

Carla, Student 6 yrs.

Kym Costa and Pure Pilates are (literally and figuratively) at the core of my health and well-being for well over a decade! I owe much of my good health, strength and mobility to the artistry of Kym, both as an Instructor and as a Pilates expert.

Sonia, Student 19 yrs.

Every Pilates exercise focuses on using your core to power movement in your limbs. Pilates also hits your transverse abdominals, the base ab muscle under your six-pack. Now I have some thanks Kym! 

Rick, Student 1yr.