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"Resilience" is the capacity to recover quickly from difficult situations. Each of us has experienced many difficulties in our own ways during the recent pandemic. On top of these new challenges, we must learn to navigate our usual "life" difficulties.  Becoming more resilient would be a massive benefit for our stress levels and, therefore, health.


But, can you build your resilience muscles like you can build the muscles of your Powerhouse?


Yes, you can! Yasemin Tunc will show us how.  Join us in the studio or on Zoom.


Yasemin is an ontologically trained life coach with a side specialty in non-financial retirement planning.


Yasemin retired in 2015 from her job as Assistant Vice President for Academic Technology at Ball State University in Indiana and moved to Chicago to be close to her family. Since then, she has completed programs in life coaching, mindfulness and meditation teaching, positive psychology, and retirement coaching. She loves learning and sharing what she learns, that is why she offers workshops and webinars on a variety of topics that help people get more out of life.


This call to service also fuels her career as a life coach. A Pilates devotee, Yasemin enjoys spending time with her daughters and grandchildren, traveling around the world, cooking and baking for loved ones.


If you are curious about life coaching, she can be reached at to schedule a free discovery conversation.