About Pure Pilates Chicago

Pure Pilates Chicago, LLC is a small, boutique Classical Pilates Studio where we focus on our students’ needs and goals and help you reach those goals through Private Lessons which can then lead the student into working in our small group classes.
All instructors are certified through Romana’s Pilates.  This program has promised to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ work and takes about 2 years and over 600 apprenticeship hours to complete.  All PPC instructors attend continuing education and their own Private Lessons to deepen their practice and share their knowledge with their students.
At PPC, we want our students to work deeply so you get the most out of each exercise and experience Pilates the way Joseph Pilates meant it to be done gaining stretch, strength and therefore control.

Through the exercises, we teach Joseph Pilates’ six principle:  Flow, Precision, Breath, Concentration, Centering & Control along with using Intelligence, Imagination and Intuition to provide an effective and invigorating workout.
When our students join our small group classes, they will still receive individual corrections because our classes are very small and private.  By the time our students join a class, you know enough about your body and the exercises to constantly scan and make your own corrections leading you to a workout that uses your mind (Concentration) to move from your Powerhouse (Centering) with correct alignment (Precision) and breathing (Breath) using correct transitions (Flow) to gain stretch and strength (Control).