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All instructors are certified through Romana’s Pilates. This program promises to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ work.  It takes some students years to prepare for the assessment which will allow one into the Romana's Pilates program. Once an apprentice, it takes about a year to complete the program and receive one's Romana's Pilates Certification, which is held in the highest regard within the industry.

To find out more about the Romana’s Pilates certification visit their website.

Romana's Pilates instructors teach the exercises and philosophies of Joseph and Clara Pilates as handed down to their world-renowned protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, and now her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo and grandaughter, Daria Pace along with a select few high ranking instructors around the world.  Chicago is lucky to have one of the highest ranking instructors here, Juanita Lopez .  Juanita is simply the best and is the reason why Chicago is on the map.

When you work with a Romana’s Pilates instructor, you can be confident you’re getting quality and experience.

All Pure Pilates Chicago instructors attend continuing education and complete their own Private Lessons to deepen their practice and share their knowledge with their students.

Kym Costa

Kym was a professional Ballet Dancer having danced for the Civic Ballet at The Ruth Page Foundation in Chicago and freelancing with small companies around the US.  Kym studied with several prominent ballet companies including the Joffrey Ballet and the Pennsylvania Ballet and started teaching Ballet at the age of 16. Kym used her strong background as a Dancer to transition into the Fitness Industry.

As a Fitness Professional, Kym used her knowledge of movement to instruct a variety of exercise classes including: step, hi/low, cardio dance, Ballet Barre, slide, sculpt, interval, stretch, Spin, circuit, water, walking, boxing and treading.  She studied anatomy, physiology and proper biomechanics receiving several fitness certifications including NASM Personal Trainer, ACE Instructor & Personal Trainer, AFAA Instructor, Spinning, N’Stretch and CPR.

Kym ranked nationally as a Sports Aerobic Competitor and coached and choreographed for other competitors while managing Group Exercise Programs at several upscale health clubs managing teams of over 60 instructors.  Kym was the Co-Captain and Choreographer for Reebok’s Performance Team and traveled nationally to conduct master classes and present for Fitness Workshops.

In 1998, Kym turned her focus from mainstream fitness to the mind/body exercises of Yoga and Pilates. She received her first Pilates Certification from the Physical Mind Institute and devoted herself to Pilates and Yoga as a serious student as she had in Dance.  

In 1999, while living in Los Angeles, Kym studied at the Yoga Place, YogaWorks and The Yoga Centre.  Kym has been fortunate enough to take workshops from several masters including Anna Forrest and Tim Miller.  While in New York, Kym studied at Jivamukti Yoga Center and in Chicago studies at Yoga View and 105F.

In 2000, after completing over 800 hours of apprenticeship from the training centers in Chicago and New York, Kym received her certification in the Authentic Pilates Method of Body Conditioning now called Romana’s Pilates.  Romana Kryzanowska was Joseph Pilates’ protégé and Juanita Lopez was Romana’s highest-ranking instructor and is a “Teacher to Teachers”.  These two Masters are the teachers with whom Kym spent the most time shaping her teaching style and giving her knowledge needed to maintain the integrity of the exercises and continue the “work”.  Kym feels extremely grateful to have studied under Romana and Juanita’s instruction.

In 2008, Kym began studying the link between nutrition and fitness performance, injuries and disease realizing there is a difference between being fit and being healthy.  Kym teamed up with a company that provides programs, products and services to help all people maximize their physical performance and reach their optimal health.  Kym provides presentations and workshops to help all types of people become or stay healthy and fit.

Today, Kym owns Pure Pilates Chicago, LLC where her focus is personalized attention to each student’s body, needs and goals.  She strives to provide each workout with precision & flow while using the breath & control.  The concentration needed to move from the center is the ongoing challenge and keeps workouts fresh, interesting and effective.

Kym believes that regardless of your age or level of fitness – from sedentary senior to professional athlete/Dancer – she can help increase your quality of life/performance by providing you with an energizing Pilates workout focusing on what your body needs.


Ceci Fano

Ceci Fano began her movement career as a Professional Dancer with several modern dance companies and independent choreographers throughout Chicago. Through Dance, Ceci learned about and was drawn to Pilates for physical maintenance, injury prevention, and improved movement quality.  Ceci had the opportunity to teach Pilates and became one of the first Pilates instructors in Chicago. She became certified by Romana's Pilates in 1995. Ceci studied with Romana Kryzanowska herself, Romana's daughter, Sari Mejia Santo, and Teacher of Teachers, Juanita Lopez.

In 1997 Ceci partnered with Chiropractic Resources, and ten years later created Balance Health + Wellness, building a successful clinic based around Pilates, Chiropractic and other modalities. During this time, Ceci worked with professional athletes and dancers as well as non professionals who wanted to remain active, fit and healthy for their entire lives. Having two daughters herself, Ceci experienced Pilates during pregnancy and recovery, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with other moms through this special time.

Ceci has personal experiences with gymnastics, tennis, skiing, running, and golf that allow her to relate to others, helping them improve their performance and avoid injury.  As now an Independent Instructor, Ceci is happy to join Pure Pilates Chicago and share her knowledge with students and staff. PPC is thrilled to have Ceci as part of the team!

Danielle Bernier

The competitive nature of gymnastics drew Danielle to the Zen nature of Yoga which she started practicing on her own in Junior High School.  During her 3rd year in High School, Danielle switched from Gymnastics to Diving.  


As a talented Diver, Danielle won a Scholarship to attend College. As a Collegiate Athlete, She was introduced to Romana's Pilates and took lessons on and off for years as she traveled around the county and world, pursuing other interests.


She also was a ski instructor in Colorado, and is certified to teach Yoga and has a vast knowledge of the body and herbal remedies.


Danielle's Pilates lessons turned into her passion, and she became a Romana's Pilates Instructor in 2012, certified by Juanita Lopez, Teacher to Teachers, and Rhonda Celenza, Midwest Director of Romana's Pilates.  


She is a thoughtful, creative, and energetic instructor who brings fun and joy to Pilates while working you deep from the center and helping each student move toward their goals. And when you meet those goals, Danielle will have a new challenge for you!


PPC is so grateful and happy to have such a talented, professional, and diverse instructor on our team!

Tatiana Enders

Tatiana's first introduction to Pilates was as a Dance Performance Major at Northern Illinois University where Mat Classes were offered by an experienced certified Romana's Pilates Instructor. Tatiana immediately realized the amazing benefits of this type of work, which not only strengthened her dance technique but also helped her recover from a knee surgery.


After graduating from NIU, Tatiana pursued a certification in the Romana's Pilates Instructor Training Program.  She received her certificate in 2014 after 800 hours of intense work and commitment under the guidance of Juanita Lopez, Teacher to Teachers, & Rhonda Celenza, Midwest Director to Romana's Pilates.


Tatiana continues to take lessons in order to deepen her understanding of the classical Pilates Method. She is eager to share her knowledge of how Pilates disciplines and balances the body and mind. Tatiana shares her passion and fun energy while working with all levels, injuries and body types!

Tiny Check
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