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Joseph Pilates and Romana

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Ever wonder where the funky machinery, unique exercises, and weird name ‘Pilates’ came from? All originated from a man named Joseph Pilates. 


Joseph was born in Germany in 1883. Growing up, he suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever, and it’s rumored he was bullied. Some accounts report that he was actually blinded in his left eye from a particularly brutal encounter with a bully. Because he was small and physically weak from illness, he couldn’t fight back to defend himself. These adversities are exactly what inspired him to develop his body to be as strong and healthy as possible.


Joseph became interested in anatomy and explored every form of physical exercise he could access: yoga, martial arts, skiing, boxing, gymnastics... the list goes on. 


He saw the power of a calm mind, and found that conditioning his body with physical activity allowed him to remain in better overall health and mental wellness. Wanting to share what he learned with others, he began developing his unique brand of physical activity, a form he would later name ‘Contrology.’ The form is know known as PILATES.


Romana was the woman to whom Joseph Pilates left his work; so, maintaining the integrity of the work is utmost importance to us. Pure Pilates Chicago works with the body in front of us and we are on a mission to make sure our students are working correctly and deeply in order to get the most out of their time spent with us so they can feel and function better by gaining stretch, strength and control.


PPC is an authentic, classical Pilates Studio where all our teachers are certified through Romana’s Pilates which takes years to enter then complete.


PPC works with all ages, genders and fitness levels. Maintaining the integrity of the PILATES work is why our students improve and keep coming back!

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