ONLINE Mat Sessions using Zoom

All Mat Sessions will be taught on line through Zoom so you can workout in the comfort of your own home and keep moving!  All times are CST and found on the above sessions Schedule tab.
Meeting ID: 782 758 3333
Password: Pilates
Add yourself to the class through the PPC App or just show up on line.

If you have a Membership or Package for Mats, the Mat class will be applied. If you do not have either or run out, you may purchase a Single Mat Session or a 5 Pack or 10 Pack.

Call or text Kym if you need help. 312-208-1603
Things to consider for both mobile and laptops.
Eliminate your distractions.
Apps have a tendency of bothering us at the most inconvenient times. If you have a meeting that has been scheduled and know the exact hour when it’s going to start, it would be best if you’d try to sort out your applications so that they don’t flood you with notifications in the middle of it. Take a few minutes before your meeting to disable notifications for the apps that display them.
For Android, this can be done more easily if you use the Notifications Off app on Google Play.
For iOS devices, you can read the instructions from Cult of Mac.
Make yourself visible.
Since phones are small, and we’re more focused on seeing the participant on your mat. We often end up forgetting where the camera’s pointing.  Zoom’s mobile app presents you with a large view of the active speaker and a small view of your own camera/laptop. Use this self-view to your advantage and make the necessary adjustments. If you’re stationary and in a room, it’s best to use a mobile stand and adjust the device’s position so that the camera faces directly at you and your body.
Avoid bright red or green colors.
“This is a weird little piece of advice,” you might say. The truth is that many devices, no matter how high-end they are, have a tough time with vivid red and green colors on their front-facing cameras. The CMOS behind the lens might make your clothes or background bleed out into each other depending on the lighting situation you find yourself in.
Also – and this is true of all video calls – you should avoid wearing striped clothing that has an excessively vivid contrast, since this might make for a pretty dizzying visual display.
Is your battery charged?
It happens to the best of us. We forget to check whether the battery is fully charged. This is a recipe for a crisis in any online meeting. Zoom doesn’t really use much of your battery on your phone or laptop, but depending on the device you’re using, your camera, cellular, and Wi-Fi antenna might do the job of depleting your battery just fine.
Consider your surroundings.
Phones and tablets don’t often come with the specifications on their audio hardware. For this reason, it’s mostly a “hit and miss” ordeal when you’re shopping for a device. During a meeting, there’s a chance that people might not hear you clearly and you might not hear them. Depending if you want to her us. Added to this, not all mobile devices have echo-cancellation, transforming what could have been a pleasant meeting into an enormous echo chamber.
To ensure that you have the best meeting experience possible on a mobile device or laptop we recommend getting a mobile-compatible headset for audio or in many cases the laptop is just fine.
In taking these steps, you will have a complete and more productive experience on Zoom’s mobile/laptop platform.